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Plan a Perfectly Scary (and Safe) Halloween Party for the Kids

two-boys-in-the-park-with-halloween-costumesMany families are choosing to hold a Halloween party for their kids instead of having a night of Trick or Treating. A fun Halloween party with their friends can mean an evening of games and entertainment instead of one with endless candy and a stomach ache. Planning a (gently) Scary and safe Halloween party is a Trick that every parent can do on Halloween night, it just takes a little planning and preparation.

1. Make it Age Appropriate.

What could be a good “boo” to a ten year old could be absolutely terrifying to a six year old. Keep not only your child’s age, but the age of the guests in mind when planning the party. Just shutting out the lights for many under ten year-olds can be spooky enough, and then when you add some sound effects – that’s scary!

2. Keep the Fear Factor Low.

Even if your child can watch horror movies the entire way through, chances are that some of his or her friends are a bit more nervous about scary and spooky things. Make the scary side of Halloween more goofy and silly than truly scary and you’ll have the kids laughing their way through the party. If a child gets truly frightened, take them aside or into part of the house where the party is not happening and then make the decision if their parents need to be called to come get them.

3. Give Party Games a Twist.

If you feel bogged down planning this party, think of what you would do if you were planning your son or daughter’s birthday party. You would have food, and play games and entertain children. It is exactly the same type of party – just a little spookier. Give the traditional party games a twist and the kids will have a lot of fun. Play musical chairs to spooky music. Have a scavenger hunt through the house and make the house look spooky like a haunted house, most kids would find that spooky and scary.

4. Have a Costume Contest.

One fun idea is to throw a costume contest for the kids. You can have the kids judge each other by applause, the kid who gets the most applause wins. Give them a small Halloween themed prize.

5. Tell Ghost Stories.

What would a scary Halloween party be without ghost stories? Tell a ghost story and then encourage the children to make up ghost stories. Hold a flashlight under their chin in a darkened room and then tell the story. The silliest or scariest ghost story wins.

6. Decorate with the Scare Factor.

You can easily decorate the party area with the “scare factor” in mind. Start by dimming the lights in parts of the room or your home. Cut out figures in black construction paper and tape them in the windows to create shadows. You can also create a ghost from a sheet and hang them from the ceiling. Get fake spider webs and hang them everywhere. Get electric or battery operated candles and place them at the windows. The most essential element for this atmosphere is the spooky music.

7. Play it Safe.

Every party should be safe. Keep an eye out for those mischief makers who are interested in causing trouble, either by scaring the frightened kids or by going through the neighborhood to do some type of prank (Halloween or the evening before is the classic time for pranks). Look out for the use of alcohol and drugs, watch for the classic signs of disoriented kids and exaggerated behavior and reddened eyes.

Have an extra scary, spooky and Happy Halloween!


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