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Mister Ghost’s June 2017 Parcel – Kitschy Mermaid Beach Party!

Mister Ghost’s June 2017 Parcel – Kitschy Mermaid Beach Party!

This month Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments is mermaid themed!  Ironically in the last month, Mermaids have been circling around me.  I recently stopped in a shop called “Columbia Mermaid” and met a real life mermaid.  Laura, who runs said mermaid shop, has been surrounded by mermaids her entire life.  Because of this she opened a shop that specializes in goodies for the mysterious ocean dwellers.  Since that time, I have been surrounding myself with mermaid things – mermaid glitter, mermaid oracles and painted my toes like mermaid fins.  The universe sent this parcel right on time to add to the mermaid mystery that is my currently in my life.

Let’s first start with the The Peyroux Dispatch – Haunted Village Gossip – Netherworld News – Editorials and Stories. My favorite story in the paper is the one of “Home Under the Water”.  This story focuses on a dryad and a mermaid, Red Kelp & Strawberry.  The married couple is two wives who move into their new underwater cove and dream of all the possibilities of what it to come.  As usual, The Peyroux Dispatch, has a nice mix of humor and romance with a whimsical touch.

Kitschy Mermaid Embroidered Patch

Once again, my favorite item in the box has to be the adorable embroidered patch.  This month it shows a mermaid ready to chow down on different seafood items.  There is a cute little shrimp, a beautiful red crab, a barbecue grill and a skull thrown in too.  The mermaid is beautiful in shades of purple and blue.  I love this patch so much and can’t wait to add it to my bomber jacket.

Kitschy Mermaid Art Print

The art print this month shows a mermaid and another sea creature dancing on the beach.  Music is coming from a clam shell the sea people look like they’re enjoying a day at the beach.  Once again, this print is going to get hung up in my cubicle at work.  One of my favorite things about the monthly boxes is the cute art prints.

Mermaid note book

The note book this month is titled “Mermaid Shopping List”.  It is blue on the outside and all the inside pages are blank.  These notebooks would be great for little drawings, shopping lists, or even journaling!

Mermaid Pin

The pin this month is an actual lapel pin!  It is a single mermaid with red hair, blue torso and green tail.  I love it and plan to add it to my favorite messenger bag.

Mermaid birthday card

This month’s card was a fun birthday card.  It shows a mermaid on top of a cake with a hunk of cake in her hand.  The inside is blank and it comes with a teal card that matches the mermaid’s tail perfectly.  This will be perfect for my sister’s August birthday.

Mermaid Post Card

The postcard this month is whimsical and cute.  Sea creatures lounge on the beach and the card states “Life’s a Beach!” and “Hello from the Lost Sea”. I have to admit I have a hard time sending these out because they’re so cute I want to keep them for myself!

Overall I’m quite pleased with this month’s box. Mermaids are fun and Evil Supply Co. knows how to mix humor with kitsch and a little fright sprinkled in.  Also pleased the box arrived in the month it was supposed to – yay!  One hiccup with Evil Supply Co., it seems to be a one man operation and you never quite know when you are going to receive you box.  That is disappointing, but for now, I’ll deal.

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