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Make a Dorothy Bookmark

Dorothy Bookmark

Dorothy Bookmark

Would you not be creeped out if you saw a pair of legs sticking out of a book? I would. However fake they may be. So here’s a simple tutorial on how to turn one of the classic movie characters into a creepy bookmark.

Dorothy Bookmark 1Things you’ll need:

  • Card stock paper
  • A small plastic doll
  • N T cutter or X-Acto knife
  • Markers
  • Glue

First, cut the legs off of the doll and cut them at a 90 degree angle as shown in the picture below

Dorothy Bookmark 2Cut the cardstock paper into the size you want your bookmark to be.

Dorothy Bookmark 3My doll’s legs already had red shoes so all I added were the socks, using a white marker. If your doll legs don’t have red shoes just color them with a red marker or red paint.

Dorothy Bookmark 4Glue the pair of legs to the shorter side of the bookmark.

Dorothy Bookmark 5This step is completely optional but I chose to write something on the paper, making it obvious who the pair of legs belong to.

Enjoy weirding out your friends (and accidentally yourself as well)!

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