Aug 24

Keep Your Pets Safe this Howl-o-Ween

Howl-o-weenOur dogs especially want to join in on Halloween festivities, but it’s important to keep safety in mind while celebrating. To make the occasion a real treat for them, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Avoid frights

With all the kiddies and frightful costumes running around, you should be mindful of managing your pet’s stress level. Fears manifest in different ways. A dog, for example, may bite or scratch, run and hide, tremble, or even urinate when afraid. We need to figure out what is scaring them to ease the issue and help them overcome their fears.The best way to eliminate unwanted frights is to establish a safe, pets-only room in the house. This may also help to put those trick-or-treaters at ease who are uncomfortable around pets.

Halloween treats

Chocolate is particularly tempting for pets, but can make them seriously ill. Be sure to keep all Halloween candy out of reach. If pets want to take part in some tasty treats, leading retailer, PetSmart, offers a selection of Halloween themed treats including licorice-flavoured elk antler chews, and Canadian-made biscuits from Molly’s Barkery.

Outdoor trick-or-treating

Will your pets step out for trick-or-treating? Reflective leashes, collars and ID tags with flashing lights are essential accessories for any pet. Make sure that an adult is holding the leash and that the pet is at ease around strangers and crowds.

Costume fun

Pets can dress up and join in on the fun as well. Before committing to a costume, make sure your pet is comfortable in the outfit – and don’t force it. Pets should be able to see, hear and breathe freely.

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