Oct 31

How to Make Halloween Felt Ornaments

I love making felt ornaments for the various holidays, and Halloween ones are fairly simple and super fun to make!


  • Colored felt, at least two sheets of each color – I used orange and white
  • Embroidery thread – I used black
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Filling for plushies, found at craft stores

Halloween Felt Supplies

1. Cut out cute Halloween shapes like ghosts and pumpkins out of two pieces of felt at the same time.
Halloween Felt 1

2. Use the embroidery thread to sew designs into one of each of the felt sheets, like this:

Halloween Felt 2

Halloween Felt 5

3. Place the two matching pieces of felt together again, and begin sewing around the edges of the felt using any type of stitch you like. I used a simple one for these.  Before finishing off, stuff the felt ornament with filling.

Halloween Felt 3

4. Finish off and leave a loop of thread at the top for hanging the ornament.

Halloween Felt 4

And with these few simple steps, you have your own sweet Halloween ornaments!  Feel free to experiments with apples, black cats, etc!

These usually take less than an hour and are fun for making crafts with the kids and make for cool Halloween party activities.

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