Category: Pumpkins & Jack o Lanterns

Sep 13

Traditional Halloween Recipes

It is difficult to think of Halloween as being anything other than a purely commercial holiday.  However, there are many traditional recipes associated with Halloween that reveal the holiday’s history and importance.  Many of these recipes can be made with one sole source—the pumpkin!  One of the essential components of Halloween, the pumpkin is the …

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Sep 12

Halloween Party Food: Fun and Sophisticated Simple Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Halloween party food can be really fun to make, it’s the time of the year when you can make your food look unappetizing and people will still want to eat it. Children love the thrill of eating what they think is dismembered body parts and ordinary food that has been dyed fun colors. If you …

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Sep 01

Halloween Gourd Friends

Fall has arrived and pumpkins have arrived with it but today, I’m not really looking at the pumpkins.  Instead, I am looking at the cute little bags of gourds that are lining the produce section of your local grocery store. Usually, these little treats are found in a bag of about 12 gourds.  They are …

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Oct 04

Think Outside the Pie Tin: 3 Surprising Ways to Savor Pumpkin This Fall

(BPT) – Few flavors say “fall” more clearly and tastily than pumpkin. The squash that’s synonymous with autumn is also packed with vitamins, fiber and protein, making it a perfect ingredient for a variety of dishes – not just for everyone’s favorite holiday pie. Canned or fresh, pumpkin works in savory and sweet dishes alike. …

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Sep 21

Favorite Fall Flavors and Activities Guaranteed to Enhance your Autumn

(BPT) – The air is crisp, kids are back in school and leaves are beginning to change color – fall has arrived! With it comes many possibilities for making amazing memories. From favorite fall flavors to awesome autumn activities, everyone has something to look forward to as the season changes. So what types of things …

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Sep 04

Fifty Fun Halloween Facts

Halloween is held on October 31st which is the last day of the Celtic calendar. The Halloween custom has evolved from the ancient Celts belief that the border between this world and “the Other-world” becomes thin on All-Hallows-Eve. People wore costumes to disguise themselves and avoid harm. The day after Halloween is called All Saints …

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