Category: Halloween Treats

Oct 05

3 Sweet and Spooky Treats for Kids Using Herbs and Spices

Kids look forward to Halloween as much as Christmas mainly because sweet treats will be bountiful. This year, try a more nutritious approach for your children by making healthier sweets using fresh herbs and spices. Follow a Halloween theme when decorating the treats for added fun! Choco Cinnamon Boo-nana Pops What you need: 1 ripe …

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Sep 16

Halloween Treat Recipes – Candy Apples & Popcorn Balls

Halloween is a great time for all kinds of treats—and they’re definitely not hard to find!  Starting in August and September, most grocery stores and convenient stores put bags and bags of candy assortments up for sale.  Everyone has a favorite traditional, store bought treat, but why not take your Halloween offering to the next …

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Sep 12

Halloween Party Food: Fun and Sophisticated Simple Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Halloween party food can be really fun to make, it’s the time of the year when you can make your food look unappetizing and people will still want to eat it. Children love the thrill of eating what they think is dismembered body parts and ordinary food that has been dyed fun colors. If you …

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Sep 10

Family Halloween Fun – Ghost Meringue Recipe

I make this recipe every year for my family and for Halloween parties and it is always a big hit! It’s great because the recipe is easy and the treats come out lite and tasty. It’s also a great Halloween project to do with the kids, because they can get creative with the shapes and …

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Aug 25

Three Fun and Easy Halloween Recipes

Halloween is a favorite holiday for the young and old alike. Kids love Halloween because they get to wear costumes and go out trick or treating. But being out and about can be dangerous. To keep children safe, many parents these days are deciding to throw a Halloween party for them instead of taking them …

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Oct 04

Think Outside the Pie Tin: 3 Surprising Ways to Savor Pumpkin This Fall

(BPT) – Few flavors say “fall” more clearly and tastily than pumpkin. The squash that’s synonymous with autumn is also packed with vitamins, fiber and protein, making it a perfect ingredient for a variety of dishes – not just for everyone’s favorite holiday pie. Canned or fresh, pumpkin works in savory and sweet dishes alike. …

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Sep 21

Favorite Fall Flavors and Activities Guaranteed to Enhance your Autumn

(BPT) – The air is crisp, kids are back in school and leaves are beginning to change color – fall has arrived! With it comes many possibilities for making amazing memories. From favorite fall flavors to awesome autumn activities, everyone has something to look forward to as the season changes. So what types of things …

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Nov 16

Homemade Alternatives to Halloween Candy

(BPT) – Processed, sugar-packed candies are collected door-to-door every year at Halloween. This year, try a different angle with homemade sweet treats that parents can make with their kids for Halloween. Chef Claire Menck from The Art Institute of Wisconsin loves making ghostly “gorp” wrapped in white parchment paper with her two children. “Gorp is …

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