Category: Halloween Recipes

Aug 24

Ghoulishly Scary Halloween Dessert

If you have read a few of my other articles about Halloween, then you probably know that I recommend not giving out anything that is home-made.  This can make Halloween a bit of a disappointment for those of us who love to make some devilishly delightful treats for the kids in the neighborhood, but before …

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Nov 24

Tasty and Toasty Halloween Drink Recipes

These warm, autumnal drinks will warm the tummies of little monsters and adults alike! They’re toasty and tasty as well as easy to make – which makes them perfect for entertaining or for making together with the family. Below are recipes for Mint Hallo-Cream and Orange Hallo-Cream. Note: you can leave the mint and/or orange …

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Nov 16

Homemade Alternatives to Halloween Candy

(BPT) – Processed, sugar-packed candies are collected door-to-door every year at Halloween. This year, try a different angle with homemade sweet treats that parents can make with their kids for Halloween. Chef Claire Menck from The Art Institute of Wisconsin loves making ghostly “gorp” wrapped in white parchment paper with her two children. “Gorp is …

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