Category: Halloween Destinations

Oct 04

America’s Haunted Lighthouses – North Carolina

Hurricanes and gale force winds frequently visit the coast of North Carolina, and its lighthouses have their share of ghostly comings and goings. Two lighthouses actually share their ghosts. One is the daughter of Aaron Burr, and the other the pirate who held her captive. The Blue Lady of Hiton Head Hilton Head Range Rear …

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Sep 20

The Ghosts of Brockley Combe

With several ghost sightings in the area, Brockley Combe is thought to be one of the most haunted locations in England. Situated to the south west of Bristol, the combe is a picturesque beauty spot by day; however at night there is a distinctly otherworldly atmosphere… The apparition of a terrified elderly woman has been …

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Sep 19

The Haunted Places of St Augustine, Florida

There are many haunted places in St. Augustine, Florida. This city is often referred to as the “Ancient City” or as “The Nation’s Oldest City”. There is good reason too! This is, in all actuality, is the oldest city in the United States of America. In the year of 1565, a man by the name …

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