Category: Halloween Costumes

Oct 31

Halloween Fun at the Annual Portland Zombie Walk!

One of the many cool things about living in Portland is the annual Zombie Walk! Each year hundreds of Portlanders gather to show off their zombie skills and scare the masses on Halloween. The big finale of the walk is when a deadly horde of Portland Zombies crawl from their graves for a dance performance to …

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Sep 20

20 Spooktacular Tips For a Green Halloween

Back in the day, we celebrated Halloween the eco-friendly way before we knew what eco-friendly meant. Costumes weren’t bought in a bag, they were made. Halloween treats were usually homemade and gobbled up as soon as they were dropped into our Halloween sacks (aka pillowcases). We would bob for apples, snack on popcorn balls, tell …

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Sep 04

Make a Corpse Bride Headpiece

Whenever I think of Halloween movies to watch, Tim Burton movies always make the cut. His style of cinematography just screams Halloween to me. One of my favorites is Corpse Bride. I love the character of Emily and her costume isn’t complete without her veil. So to make this, here’s what you’ll need: Paper flowers …

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Aug 03

Easy Bloody Hand Halloween “Costume”

We all have those times when we’re invited to a Halloween party or festival where we can’t be bothered to dress up but don’t want to wear something ordinary either. So here’s a “costume” for when you want to look the part without spending so much time and energy on it. Materials: A white or …

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Oct 30

DIY Halloween Costume: Autumn Faun Part Two

With October 31 rapidly approaching, the internal struggle of picking a Halloween costume may become increasingly difficult. If you’ve found yourself scrambling for that last-minute idea then this DIY will be perfect for you. The “Autumn Faun” is a simple, affordable, makeup-driven outfit that can be thrown together in a matter of hours. The main …

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Oct 13

DIY Halloween Costume: Autumn Faun Part One

Are you looking for a Halloween costume that is unique, inexpensive, and eye-catching? Try being an “Autumn Faun” this year! With only 6 household items, you’ll be able to create a floral head piece worthy of extra candy. The great thing about this project: it takes about 20 minutes to make and is really affordable. Don’t …

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Sep 02

7 Homemade Kids Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make Today

When it comes to Halloween costumes, we always decided to make our own because we felt it was foolish to spend $35 and up, for a costume that our child was only going to wear one time. Over the years, my sister-in-law and I have made numerous costumes for our children and I thought I …

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Jul 23

Craft Projects: Lifesized Frankenstein

Wooooooo! The wind howled through the trees and warned of all the evil thrills that graced the night. It was Halloween and everyone from spooks to mice were excited by the events that would unfold… Of course it isn’t Halloween yet but I thought I would kick off the Halloween crafts early, since I need …

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Oct 22

DIY Halloween Costumes that Won’t Spook Your Budget

(BPT) – As the leaves turn, children of all ages begin their quest for this year’s “it” Halloween costume. Americans will spend $2.8 billion dollars on Halloween costumes this year, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2014 Halloween Consumer Trends Report. The same study says 162 million people will celebrate Halloween, and they will spend …

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Nov 24

Don’t Be Scared – You Can Make a Halloween Costume

If the words “Mom, can you make my costume this year?” strike terror in your heart, never fear. You can make a great costume that your child will love even if you have little sewing experience (and even less time). Making a Halloween costume doesn’t require professional sewing skills. If you can stitch a straight …

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