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  2. Coffin Party Favors — September 5, 2016
  3. Make a Corpse Bride Headpiece — September 4, 2016
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas Fairy Lights — September 3, 2016
  5. How to Make a Potion Bottle — September 3, 2016

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Make a Spiderweb Phone Case

I don’t know if this is something that happens with me but I feel like phone cases are now a big part of any look. And like any other accessories, it changes with occasion. However, they can get expensive and I just cannot justify buying a phone case that expensive for something that comes once …

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Coffin Party Favors

What is any occasion without parties? And the best part of parties, at least for me, other than the food is party favors. I love it when they come in weird forms and shapes. This party favor box is perfect for Halloween parties or even for distributing to ‘trick or treat’-ers! Here’s what you’ll need: …

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Make a Corpse Bride Headpiece

Whenever I think of Halloween movies to watch, Tim Burton movies always make the cut. His style of cinematography just screams Halloween to me. One of my favorites is Corpse Bride. I love the character of Emily and her costume isn’t complete without her veil. So to make this, here’s what you’ll need: Paper flowers …

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Nightmare Before Christmas Fairy Lights

Although it’s debatable whether the Nightmare before Christmas is a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie, no doubt that Jack Skellington makes for a great Halloween character. Here’s a simple diy for Jack Skellington fairy lights. What you’ll need: Ping pong balls NT cutter or X-Acto knife Fairy lights Black Marker The making: On one side of …

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How to Make a Potion Bottle

Whether you’re throwing a party or just like decorating you house, a simple witchy Halloweeny décor project is making your own potion bottles. Not only do they give the place a spooky vibe but are also incredibly easy to make. What you’ll need: Empty glue bottle or medicine bottles Hot glue gun Medical Tape Spray …

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