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Americas Haunted Lighthouses – Oregon

The Oregon coast boasts more than 360 miles of pristine public coastline, terrain that changes from rugged cliffs to green forests, miles of sandy beaches complete with dunes and four haunted lighthouses. Here are two of their stories.

Heceta Head Light

Heceta Head Light

Rue, the Gray Lady
Heceta Head Light – Oregon

Heceta Head Light, believed to be one of the ten most haunted in America sits in melancholy high on a bluff overlooking the mighty Pacific.

The abandoned grave of a baby girl lies here, and “Rue,” also known as “The Gray Lady,” and possibly the daughter of an early keeper, keeps watch. Every keeper since 1950, without exception, has reported hearing screams in the night, objects moved or missing, cupboards open, missing rat poison from the attic and tools thought lost reappearing.

In the 1970s while cleaning the attic windows, a worker saw a reflection of a silver haired woman who seemed to float over the door. Horribly frightened, he ran screaming from the attic refusing to return to work. Only a promise to allow him to work anywhere but the attic convinced him to return to the light. While working outside, this same man accidentally broke the attic window, and adamantly refused to clear the mess. Later that night sounds of scraping were heard, and the next morning the broken glass was found in a neat little pile.

Regularly seen in and around the house, this gray lady is usually seen in the attic window and the abandoned child’s grave. Could she be the child’s mother?

Tillamook Head Lighthouse

Tillamook Head Lighthouse

Terrible Tilly
Tillamook Rock Light – Oregon

Originally supposed to sit at the top of Tillamook Head in Washington, someone realized that the light would be virtually invisible in a fog, and Terrible Tilly instead sits on lower Tillamook Rock. There were many tragedies during the building of this light including a surveyor who slipped and fell to his death. Gale force winds and high seas made it impossible for a boat to reach the first construction crew, leaving them stranded at the mercy of attacking sea lions and the elements.

Later, keepers reported hearing terrible screams coming from the tower. According to Native American Legend, an underwater tunnel houses the spirits of the rocks. Although the light went out in 1957, main landers still swear they see an eerie glow.

There are many legends attached to this lighthouse. One keeper loved this light so much that he wanted to be buried here after his death. Although his remains are not here, his spirit apparently roams the light. Another keeper, promising death to any successor, chased one up the stairs. The new keeper, fighting for his life pushed him back down. This keeper left Terrible Tilly in a straight jacket.


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