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America’s Haunted Lighthouses – California and Washington State

Crescent City's Battery Point Lighthouse at Dawn

Crescent City’s Battery Point Lighthouse at Dawn

The Tsunami Ghosts (Crescent City) Light – California

Crescent City in beautiful Northern California just twenty miles south of the Oregon border boasts two national parks, proximity to the Pacific Ocean, a myriad of outdoor activities, and a haunted lighthouse.

A tsunami is an unusual and extraordinary event not often seen in the United States, but in 1964 Crescent City was hit by four or five tsunamis, leaving twenty-nine city blocks destroyed and several people dead. The lighthouse escaped damage, and some people attribute this to the resident ghosts.

Jerry and Nadine Tugel, former curators of what is now a museum documented their experiences in a brochure they gave every visitor. Everyone who ever lived in this lighthouse reported feeling an eerie presence.

The stories range from a chair that rocks by itself with no apparent occupant, to hand tapping people on their shoulder, and the room smelling of pipe smoke where there were no smokers. These ghostly antics so terrified one keeper’s cats that they refused to enter one particular room under any circumstances.

Other ghostly disturbances include footsteps going to the tower every hour presumably to check the beacon, wind chimes ringing in a closed room, and ghostly voices ordering people out of the bathroom.

A family with two children lived there for a year. While the keeper’s wife loved island life, her husband did not and reported hearing a voice ordering him off the island. They moved to the island anyway, and eventually separated. The keeper’s wife and her two grown children visited occasionally, but her husband never went back.

Point Wilson Lighthouse

Point Wilson Lighthouse

Shadow of a Woman
Point Wilson Light – Washington

Port Townsend, called the City of Dreams and gateway to the Olympic Peninsula is home to an historic Victorian Seaport and the haunted Point Wilson Lighthouse.

An old adage says that two women can rarely live peacefully under the same roof, and the ghost of Point Wilson Light seems to prove this true. Former Coast Guard wives reported seeing a shadow of a woman in their periphery who disappeared each time they turned to look. Many heard foots steps in the living room that mysteriously fell silent when one wife turned her head to investigate. This nosy or curious ghost likes to check the contents of bathroom cabinets, but stops as soon as someone enters the room.

The other woman in the long gown seen roaming the grounds and the lighthouse remains a mystery. Historical accounts point to many shipwrecks off Puget Sound, and some believe this mystery ghost might be the mother of a shipwreck victim. Birthday cards sitting on the mantle mysteriously fall to the floor. Neighbors, hearing strange sounds from upstairs called to see if anyone was there, and of course, got no answer.

It seems, this lady with one exception, never appeared to men stationed at the light or those who visited. One visitor who fell asleep on the couch suddenly awoke feeling he was being smothered. He saw a woman’s shadow in the kitchen, but when he went to see who attacked him, he found no one there.


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