Mister Ghost’s July 2017 Parcel – Monsters at the Movies!

July 2017 Mister Ghost’s monthly parcel – Monsters at the Movies!

This month the theme from Evil Supply Company for Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments is “Monsters at the Movies”.  I love this theme because before my husband and I had an adorable little goose of a child, who is now 2 years old and totally awesome, we would go to the movies weekly.  No longer can we do that, so this box makes me nostalgic for those popcorn-eating, cherry slushie-guzzling, hand-holding, relaxing days at the theater.  I believe we’ll get there again when she moves out of toddler-hood but I foresee the future holding Pixar and Disney movies as opposed to the gory horror that we truly love to watch.

Peyroux Dispatch newspaper

I should also mention, out of the three boxes I have received so far, this one is my favorite!  I really like the heavy use of blue and purple in the color schemes as well as the art work is on point this month!  Let’s started with the Peyroux Dispatch newspaper.  The newspaper always gives me a chuckle and this month I really enjoyed the section on “Popular Movie Snacks”.  My favorite was Sea Monsters:  From mermaids to sirens, popcorn shrimp with satisfy you sea fairing friends.  Season with salt and a bit of garlic butter.  Again with the mermaids this month, I love it!

Mister Ghost’s art print

The art print this month features a Monster Movie Snack Bar Menu.  Included on the menu are: Phantom Soda Pop in the flavors of “moonlight” or “haunted forest gloom”, popcorn with the options of “magic, salt or plain”, Sour Goblins, Bat mints, Candy Grave Dirt and Mermaid Salt Water Taffy.  The print is super cute and I can it working in a cute little frame propped up in a kitchen or hanging on a fridge.

Monsters at the Movies postcard

The postcard this month reminds me of my sweet, sweet childhood in the 80’s!  The days of hitting the local Blockbuster or other video rental store and cruising the isles for what movie to take home and hoping the parents would say yes to the risqué picks.  I have to say I’m really digging the artwork this month and the problem I’m having is I like to hoard my boxes and not share them as I should.

Monsters at the Movies greeting card

The card this month is blank inside and the front states “Hey-oh! Movie Time!”.  The theater is dark and it looks like the crowd is watching the previews.  It would be perfect to send to someone just to catch up or a cute way to invite a friend on a movie date.  I plan to send my card to my sister for a movie date next time she visits Portland, OR for a stay.

Mister Ghost’s monthly parcel notebook

The notebook this month is purple and has 32 blank pages for you to put your lists, notes, spells, journaling or whatever else you may fancy.  I’m still looking for a way to utilize me that will work for what I’m interested in.  I may try to incorporate it into my oracle or tarot card daily readings as I’m not a list maker, journaling type of gal.  However, the paper is of good quality and I see so many potential uses for the notebooks.

Monsters at the Movies embroidered patch

Again, I freaking LOVE the embroidered patch this month.  It is a rather large square that shows movie posters that you would see walking in your theater.  The one in main focus is “Ghosts in the Woods” and shows a night sky among stars and trees.  Seriously hoarding these patches until I have at least five of them to get fixed to my favorite bomber jacket!

Monsters at the Movies popcorn pin

The pin this month is an actual pin again.  It is a box of popcorn with a ghost and what is possibly a snake?  Or a worm?  Or something dripping with slime.  Not exactly sure, but it’s pretty cute and will go directly on to my messenger bag, post haste!

As usual, I loved this month’s parcel and looking forward to next month’s theme which is “Moonlight in the Poison Garden”!

Mister Ghost’s June 2017 Parcel – Kitschy Mermaid Beach Party!

Mister Ghost’s June 2017 Parcel – Kitschy Mermaid Beach Party!

This month Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments is mermaid themed!  Ironically in the last month, Mermaids have been circling around me.  I recently stopped in a shop called “Columbia Mermaid” and met a real life mermaid.  Laura, who runs said mermaid shop, has been surrounded by mermaids her entire life.  Because of this she opened a shop that specializes in goodies for the mysterious ocean dwellers.  Since that time, I have been surrounding myself with mermaid things – mermaid glitter, mermaid oracles and painted my toes like mermaid fins.  The universe sent this parcel right on time to add to the mermaid mystery that is my currently in my life.

Let’s first start with the The Peyroux Dispatch – Haunted Village Gossip – Netherworld News – Editorials and Stories. My favorite story in the paper is the one of “Home Under the Water”.  This story focuses on a dryad and a mermaid, Red Kelp & Strawberry.  The married couple is two wives who move into their new underwater cove and dream of all the possibilities of what it to come.  As usual, The Peyroux Dispatch, has a nice mix of humor and romance with a whimsical touch.

Kitschy Mermaid Embroidered Patch

Once again, my favorite item in the box has to be the adorable embroidered patch.  This month it shows a mermaid ready to chow down on different seafood items.  There is a cute little shrimp, a beautiful red crab, a barbecue grill and a skull thrown in too.  The mermaid is beautiful in shades of purple and blue.  I love this patch so much and can’t wait to add it to my bomber jacket.

Kitschy Mermaid Art Print

The art print this month shows a mermaid and another sea creature dancing on the beach.  Music is coming from a clam shell the sea people look like they’re enjoying a day at the beach.  Once again, this print is going to get hung up in my cubicle at work.  One of my favorite things about the monthly boxes is the cute art prints.

Mermaid note book

The note book this month is titled “Mermaid Shopping List”.  It is blue on the outside and all the inside pages are blank.  These notebooks would be great for little drawings, shopping lists, or even journaling!

Mermaid Pin

The pin this month is an actual lapel pin!  It is a single mermaid with red hair, blue torso and green tail.  I love it and plan to add it to my favorite messenger bag.

Mermaid birthday card

This month’s card was a fun birthday card.  It shows a mermaid on top of a cake with a hunk of cake in her hand.  The inside is blank and it comes with a teal card that matches the mermaid’s tail perfectly.  This will be perfect for my sister’s August birthday.

Mermaid Post Card

The postcard this month is whimsical and cute.  Sea creatures lounge on the beach and the card states “Life’s a Beach!” and “Hello from the Lost Sea”. I have to admit I have a hard time sending these out because they’re so cute I want to keep them for myself!

Overall I’m quite pleased with this month’s box. Mermaids are fun and Evil Supply Co. knows how to mix humor with kitsch and a little fright sprinkled in.  Also pleased the box arrived in the month it was supposed to – yay!  One hiccup with Evil Supply Co., it seems to be a one man operation and you never quite know when you are going to receive you box.  That is disappointing, but for now, I’ll deal.

Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments – May 2017

Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments – May 2017

In April I signed up for Mister Ghost’s Highly Enviable Monthly Parcel of Simple Yet Amazing Wonderments for some monthly Halloween fun!  The cost for the monthly box is $12 + shipping.  Included in every box is the following (taken from Evil Supply Co. website):

Art print: 5″ x 7″ (12.7cm x 17.78cm), unframed

Embroidered patch: The size and shape varies slightly from month-to-month. The patch will either be a 3″ (7.62cm) circle or square, or a 2″ (5.08cm) x 4″ (10.16cm) rectangle. All patches include an iron-on backing, though for longevity, we recommend sewing it on after ironing. If you don’t sew, a local dry cleaner can typically handle it for a small fee.

1 notebook: Our notebooks have a different cover every month and our infamous “Last Will & Testament” on the back. Each notebook has 32 blank pages inside.

1 greeting card: Greeting cards are printed with artwork revolving around the month’s theme and have a blank interior. We include a colorful envelope printed with “TO and “FROM” fields with a unique icon.

1 postcard: The front of each postcard will revolve around a character, monster, or location in the Netherworld, and the back will be lined for easy writing.

1 enamel pin: 1” (2.54cm) metal pin with a a hard enamel pin. Pins are die cast with metal with the enamel baked.

Haunted newspaper, The Peyroux Dispatch: A large (11″ x 14″, 27.94cm x 35.56cm folded) newspaper with yet-published stories, articles, news, and gossip from around our tiny, haunted village of Peyroux, and the Netherworld at large. Includes illustrations and advertisements from various Peyroux businesses. Stories appearing in The Dispatch may be published in the future on social media, but parcel purchasers will get the scoop way ahead of everyone else.

I believe May’s box theme is Monsters in Space – Vampires and Werewolves #025; however, I’m not 100% sure on this.  The box is definitely spaced theme though.  Now on to the items full of silly fun:

The Peyroux Dispatch newspaper

First is The Peyroux Dispatch newspaper which is a four page newspaper.  I read the articles and had a few chuckles.  My favorite was “Kissing at the Carnival” which was a charming story about Petal and May and their romantic night at the Halloween themed carnival.

Next is the 5×7 art print.  It is printed on card stock paper and reminds me of font used in 1980’s computer and video games.  I plan to hang this in my cubicle at work to let people ask me about my “space ship docking”.

Space patch

Hands down my favorite item in the box is this adorable embroidered patch.  I recently purchased my first bomber jacket in the last 30 years (they’re back!) and plan to get it stitched on my jacket.  It shows what appears to be a spaceship control panel with a fruit-stripe gum-esque planet and some twinkly stars in the background.  I love the colors and the detail of the patch!

Mister Ghost’s parcel notebook

Each monthly box comes with a “notebook” as well.  I wouldn’t call this a notebook myself, more of a scratch pad type book.  It is not laminated but the cover does feel made of a slightly thicker cardstock material.  All the pages are blank inside and I envision budding artists or high school students may enjoy a doodle book of this kind.  The cover states “The Stars are Calling My Name, The Stars are Calling Me Home”.

I have to admit, one thing I really love about these boxes is that they include a greeting card and post card!  This is the greeting card that came with the box and it also included a pretty turquoise envelope as well.  I love sending and receiving mail, so I was excited to get this card.  I plan to send it to my sister and let her chuckle at the space monkey man.

Here’s the cute Galact-A-Gram postcard included in the box as well.  I love the artwork on these and look forward to sending out some space mail soon!

Home is Where the Warp Drive Takes You magnet

Finally, each pack is said to include a pin. This month it appears the pin is actually a magnet.  I was a little bummed as I would prefer a pin I could attach to a bag or hat, but this will have to go on the fridge instead.

Bonus items – a few stickers were also in the box to boot!

Overall, I found the box to be full of silly fun.  The one thing I was not too happy about is my May box arrived on June 5th.. it sounds like there were some issues with shipping and many parcels were lost in limbo somewhere. The cost feels a little bit on the high end for what you receive; however, that being said this is obviously an indie operation and someone is putting a lot of time and care into these packages and artwork.  For those reasons, I’m looking forward to my June box!



Halloween Fun at the Annual Portland Zombie Walk!


Portland Zombie Walk – zombie bride and zombie patient

One of the many cool things about living in Portland is the annual Zombie Walk!


Zombie Stormtrooper

Each year hundreds of Portlanders gather to show off their zombie skills and scare the masses on Halloween.


2012 Portland Zombie Walk – Mitt Romney Zombie

The big finale of the walk is when a deadly horde of Portland Zombies crawl from their graves for a dance performance to the song Thriller, by Michael Jackson.


Portland Zombie Walk – lover zombies

It’s so much fun and you’ll see just about every zombie you can imagine!

7 Ways To Eat Halloween Candy Without Ruining Your Teeth

halloween-candyHalloween is a sweet time of year for kids, but it can be a nightmare for health-conscious parents concerned about excess sugar leading to cavities. But Halloween tricking and treating doesn’t have to be scary with these helpful tips from the Ontario Dental Hygienists’ Association:

  1. If kids have a healthy meal before they go trick-or-treating, they won’t be as tempted to eat candy along the way.2
  2.  When they return with their goodies, sort the candy. Let them keep their favourites and get rid of the rest — hide it, throw it out or donate it.
  3.  Avoid the worst offenders — chewy sweets that stick to the teeth — such as molasses kisses, licorice, jujubes, and jelly beans. Lollipops are also a bad choice because they tend to linger. As the child licks away, the bacteria feed on the sugar, creating acid that leads to tooth decay and gum disease.
  4. Allow children to have enough candy to satisfy their sweet tooth immediately and then ration the rest. Impose a time limit to gobble up the candy, then make sure they clean their teeth well immediately.
  5. Give out “dentally correct” treats such as chips, sugarless gum and candy, or popcorn. Halloween-themed stickers, pencils, erasers, and glow sticks are even better choices.
  6. Offer your kids a candy trade — swap the worst offenders or a portion of their goodies for a trip to the movies or a fun outing at the park.
  7. Follow these tips yourself. The dangers of Halloween candy also apply to adults. Dental hygienists report more visits from grownups this time of year, who come in with fractured teeth and broken fillings after dipping into their kids’ loot bags.

Learn more about oral care at www.odha.on.ca.


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